About the Author

Kristin Crosby is a writer, contributor and content creator.

Kristin brings a rich experience in editing printed and online lifestyle publications. From magazine editorials, to scriptwriting, and compelling speechwriting Kristin develops a clear and provoking voice.

Currently, Kristin is the content developer for the President of Southeastern University, writing online current event op-eds, scripts and blogs, as well as speechwriter for community and cultural development. Previously editor for LALtoday in Lakeland, Florida, she was also the editor of The Lakelander Magazine and WH Magazine at Patterson Publishing for over two years, contributing original pieces for each issue.

In her personal projects Kristin is most passionate writing insightful, and witty personal essays that relate to current culture, the female experience, relationships, mental health and personal development. She is driven by controversial and engaging subjects. Particularly in personal essays, down-to-earth female topics, that explore the questions no one wants to ask, offer a comic relief that is relatable, yet with a fresh and sharp narrative is the sweet spot Kristin lives for.

About the Blog

Good Girls Need Cold Showers Too is a collection of essays for girls who’ve been raised in conservative circles of any kind. It is for the girl who has chosen to save sex for marriage, but isn’t completely sure as to why. It is for the girl who has grown up relationally strained, physically discontent, and sexually stifled and feels strange for being so. It is for the girl who was taught men are visual, sexually-driven beings, while women are mere hopeless romantics with an easily-contained sexuality.

Growing up beyond the hype “pure culture”, when females are no longer getting married at 21, can cause one to face a surprising climate of confusion and distress for which you simply weren’t equipped. For some of us, being a “good girl” is expected of us. Maybe we’ve even taken a little pride in it. But the expectation causes us to face levels of frustration that seem to pool into every area of our life.

All of us are equipped with a desire to love on a physical, and emotional level. Fewer of us know just how to navigate it in modern life.