Is Being Conservative “Not Sexy”?

Likely, as you read this, you’ve already answered that question.  The general perception of conservatives in our culture, as presumptuous or accurate as it may be, is no real shocker: being conservative is considered “not sexy,” or more specifically, being liberal is considered, “sexy.”

A recent CNN online report, which stated that hormones and menstrual cycles of women are likely the driving force behind the majority of liberal female votes, got everyone’s panties all up in a wad last Wednesday, as well as cause an uproar on Twitter. Based on research by Kristina Durante, an assistant professor in the marketing school at the University of Texas at San Antonio, the report suggests “There’s something that may raise the chances for both presidential candidates that’s totally out of their control: women’s ovulation cycles.” Durante’s study, in short, theorizes that women have a hard time thinking reasonably during that time of the month and therefore take the liberal vote for policies on abortion and other issues, indicating, the obvious, that to be sexy you must be liberal. Ok, so CNN doesn’t come right out and say this, but while women are back lashing on Twitter after this story came out (is it wrong to assume that men might not be so emotional, oh I mean… defensive ?), the report is also indirectly stating that to be sexy is to be liberal. Duh. When has liberal not been considered sexy? Possibly when “The Walton’s” was the best tv around. Oh, nope. Even then it wouldn’t have been “sexy.”

While this report was taken down shortly after the tweeting uproar Wednesday, it’s effects still linger as women all over the US are feeling belittled and bemeaned through a University’s report whittling down our decisive vote to a hormonal disposition. Most women want to lash out at this CNN reporter (who just doing her job, poor thing) and have taken their cyber opportunity to do just that, for having the gall to suggest that our hormones cause us to have any less control over our vote and thinking capacity compared to those without a monthly cycle (“ehem” men.) However, this report plainly states that women choose to vote liberal to be more sexy, while those not working so hard to be “becoming,” lean towards the conservative side, suggesting what most tweet rebuttals either completely overlook or completely agree with. 

Being liberal is somewhat a universal idea of being attractive or sexy, while being conservative is not. And I admit, most of us don’t grow up thinking, “It looks cool to be traditional” or “when I grow up I want to be conservative,” because, frankly, we know it won’t land us a cover on GQ. The majority does tend to think this way growing up, that or it’s portrayed to us this way. It’s attractive, yes, when an individual thinks outside of the box, when you push the limit (similar to the whole girls like Bad Boys) but who says someone who is stable and leans towards some moderate or traditional values isn’t sexy or attractive. 

Suggesting that women can’t make a clear cohesive vote due to hormones is one thing. Suggesting that being liberal is more sexy than being conservative, and the assumption that a women would t lean that way to appear sexy is rather - obtuse. Not only does this study labeling one party “sexy” and one “not sexy,” but it’s presuming that conservatives are one in the same, and just alike for the liberals.  Because how could one be conservative and have radical ideas? How could one be conservative and still be progressive? How could one be conservative and sexy? Inconceivable. This overall perception that all feminists are “liberal” and all bigots are “conservatives” seems somewhat dated itself. After CNN has taken down this story, I’m sure they will have a bit tighter reign on reports to avoid putting anyone in a box, sexy or not.