Petraeous & Why You Should Know It's More Than Just Another Affair

No, Petraeous is not the next Ridley Scott film to follow up Prometheus. For those of you who don’t frequent CNN, MSNBC or any other news source, you may be out of the loop on this one (and that could very well sum it up to everyone in my age bracket - you twenty somethings.) 

Who is Petraeous and why should you care about it? Well, I admit, I scanned by the name a few times myself before giving it much attention. Turns out Petraeous isn’t a film or a soap opera (though there are enough characters involved for it to be the first Desperate Housewives of the CIA) but a leader who could have potentially caused quite the ripple effect in some major, recent “spontaneous” attacks on September 11. 

Petraeous is, or was, I should say, the chief CIA director who’s admission to a scandalous relationship is bringing up more questions than most any political or national figure we’ve seen take heat for.Through the years we’ve watched countless political leaders and moral figures get by the skin of their teeth after the breaking news of some poor choices - often receiving more recognition and more opportunities in the aftermath. But this leader in particular, as the assassination of 4 Americans, including the murder of a US Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi took place, won’t be getting off so easily.

Unlike Clinton’s scandalous oval office appointments and JFK’s little birthday serenade, the ramifications of this affair are an entirely different ball game. David Petraeous had been the chief CIA in Afghanistan for the past two years and even had a book written on his leadership style, by biographer Paula Broadwell, who chose Petraeous as her Phd dissertation - a flattering gesture for a 60 year old man, no doubt. By President Obama’s reelection, an affair between Petraeous and Broadwell publicly surfaced and CIA director officially resigned. After admitting the affair Petraeous has been brought into some serious questioning over any classified information that may have spilled during their relationship, such as documents on Broadwell’s laptop, and any other information that may have trickled through the daily runs together. 

More important, the House and Senate intelligence committee are trying to figure out and what exactly occurred this past September 11, in comparison to what Americans were informed. Though it was communicated as an event that “arose out of a spontaneous demonstration,” now Petraeous "stated that he thought all along he made it clear that there was significant terrorist involvement." Speculators are proposing that the timeline of events concerning the Election, Lybia and Petraeous possibly mean that our CIA didn’t communicate as crystal clear as to our Nation they could have. 

While it’s all still speculation, and many are still in question and investigation, it would be worth your while to know why Petraeous is more than some sexy affair - though no doubt a movie is in the making.