Obama Might Not be a Saint, but...

Image from Newsweek Magazine May 2012

Newsweek’s first cover page in May was the image of a stoic, yet glowing President Obama with a rainbow-colored halo floating over his head. Can you hear the angels singing? “Ahhhhhhh.” Of course the whole idea is nothing out of the norm. Our President, Saint Obama. In one form or another we’ve heard Obama referred to as angelic, a God-send to our Nation. Now, whether or not you agree with this is besides my point, though you likely have a very strong opinion as of right now and think you know where I’m headed. I may have stated this before, but I’ll reiterate, you’re not going to find any strong political tone here or any pull to sway you into some political animal, no pun intended. Truth be told, I’m not so much into politics as I am political dramas. However whether or not you view Obama’s position as an act of God or a plot from devil is not what I care to discuss, as much as the impact that our vocalized opinions of such political leaders may have.

From the eye of the media, as seen on covers such as Newsweek, our President is well-loved by many. Though it seems for every person who praises him as a saint, there is someone who loathes him. I’m not talking strong dislikes, or “agrees to disagree.” I mean loathe. With every comment commending Obama as a saint, he’s equally referred to as “evil” and pretty much every other variation of the word you could think of (you catch my drift.) While this might not be the terms used on right-winged networks such as Fox, it’s more caught in casual conversations; like the way your family might refer to a guy who has physically abused your sister.  I’m assuming, regarding President Obama as “evil,” one is referring to the fact that he is more of a liberal, left-handed leader, who Newsweek magazine likes to call “The First Gay President.” So if tolerance towards such left-winged priorities is a concern of ours, Obama is hardly the first President to have had an affect on America’s point of view. But again it’s not politics I’m here to discuss. Here in America, where next year we will be celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation and just 60 some years from when African Americans still didn’t have the right to vote, it makes sense that Obama’s step into the Oval Office would be viewed as miraculous by many. And though it doesn’t necesarily make him an angel of God, calling Obama evil for changes that displease a more conservative crowd, may be giving one man more credit than he is due.

I dare to accuse “The Church,” for such talk, while many believe “The Church” and “Christians” go hand-in-hand (that is another subject, all it’s own) it’s no surprise that you will hear such references from many Christians. Feeling I have a good idea of the an older generation of Christians (currently working at a respectable established church in Florida) and the young emerging Christians Leaders of America (also having worked at a Liberal Arts University, with a large percentage of Practical Theology and Pastoral students,) I would say the opinions of our President in the church-realm is split, just as it is split in most of our Nation.

However, many of us “Christians,” those who trust in a God who created us and believe He still holds this chaotic world in the palm of His hand, can use the term “evil” a little too loosely, considering truly “evil” leaders of the past (think of Hitler or Stalin.) But the idea of a President itself has completely lost the honor and respect we once felt it was due. And while it’s not solely affect by those those who’ve stepped into the Oval Office, though past incidents in such spaces certainly have contributed to our lack of respect, we all contribute to our Nation’s of honor and respect in general.

Even if a man may not be an ideal President in our eyes, referring to a leader as an evil being that dwells in the pits of hell is unreasonable. Considering the variety of traumas our country has met through the past, I’d hardly think Obama has gained the rank of being labeled as “of the devil” or “evil.” He’s stepped into office at a time when our Nation was in dire need of hope: a state we’re still in for several reasons. To expect Obama to recreate and “Change” our Nation in 4 years is seeking a saint, maybe even a savior. But to regard him as “evil,” may be weighing too much to a single leader. Especially if that leader is seeking to meet high demands of the majority.  Obama is neither a saint, nor the devil. He is just a man, and due our respect all the same.

 ”Give to everyone what you owe them: Pay your taxes and government fees to those who collect them, and give respect and honor to those who are in authority.”

                                                                                                           Romans 13:7