Valentine Day

14 Reasons to Embrace Being Single After 25

You couldn’t have convinced me in college I would be writing a piece, on Valentine’s Day, about “embracing being single past 25.” There are probably dozens of girls, very much like I was in college and just after, who read this title and either turn their head following some gutting-superstition that knowledge of any such advice will make them more likely to be in my shoes one day, or they read with sympathy for me, praying to God they don’t ever have to face life still single just a few birthdays shy of 30.

Of course by the time any of us single people hit age 25, there are countless simple things you realize you’ve taken for granted and may one day miss when you add a spouse and kids to the picture. While being a single female in any society, in any day or age isn’t always peaches and cream, something about facing it in your late twenties brings you to a new (or honest) appreciation of this rare season of life. If you are having a hard time seeing the bright peaches and sweet cream that can accompany the life of a single women past 25, here are just a few I’ve come to relish…

  1. You learn how to check your car’s fluids and now drive with a little more confidence.
  2. You have no one to answer to for all the money you spend on fru fru Starbucks drinks (if you call Americano’s a girly drink…)
  3. You can move to a new place on a whim and discover a career, you don’t want, without it effecting too many people.
  4. You can drop everything at a moment’s notice and go to a movie like Argo on a late Saturday afternoon. (Just throwing out that film as a random example.)
  5. You have time to discover new strengths, new passions and build on them, even if it means facing many trails and errors.
  6. You can go to the mall and eat Pinkberry for dinner (and maybe even another Starbucks.)
  7. You can chop off all your hair in an Eddie Sedgwick pixie cut and not care whether any man thinks it looks “feminine enough.”
  8. You’ve had time to discover how to eat in a way your enjoy, that makes you feel your healthiest and look your best (hopefully so that one day you don’t have to hound a man with the question “Do I look fat?” After all, what are scales for?)
  9. You can move to a new place… again, for a new job, and again risk launching into an entirely new field and vocation, if you’re passions are leading you to do so.
  10. You can belt out to Taylor Swift and Adele (or Kings of Leon) all the way on those long, inevitable, solo car rides.
  11. You can visit and apply to grad schools in Europe, even if choose not to go.
  12. You can eat a vegetarian menu for days, saving yourself some money while your at it (for… more Pinkberry!)
  13. You can try a variety of man-repelling fashion trends without having to take into account anyone’s cunning remarks.
  14. You can one day be married, knowing fully well that you had every opportunity to do all those thing you wished you would’ve done when you were single.

Now granted, many (or all) of the above you probably can and will do once you’re married. (I certainly hope so!) But in the mean time, taking advantage of these moments will only encourage you to have more of them when a man (or lady, for you single guys) comes into the picture.

If you’re home sulking tonight, because it feels like life just hasn’t begun until you have a Valentine on February 14th, heed to some advice of a twenty-something-year-old who’s faced many a-Valentine’s Day single, and do yourself (and your future spouse) a favor and check off a few on this list.

Enjoy this solo season and all the cheesy, little aspects you take for granted. Live you’re life now.

“C’est la vie”