She's Still a Young'n

I feel I’m at that middle ground age, not “middle age” or old, but at this in between post-graduating college (which I realize, I always make sound as if it was yesterday) and official “I feel like an adult” stage. Guess we always feel like we’re in between something. I guess America isn’t too different herself. Through giant achievements and mammouth steps our Nation has made in innovations, technology, education, and fame’s to claim like Justin Beiber, the cheeseburger, fast food as a whole and a slew of health issues now affecting other nations - (Excuse my cynicism, I’ll try save my sarcastic tone concerning health for Better Vita, where it’s more fitting.) American is only 237 years old. Yes, only 237. Among countries like France (age 1107) and  Russia (1151) you could say America is young professional in comparison. Like me looking at my late 20‘s, still reminding myself I’m still young have a lot of life ahead of me, America - the beautiful - is still a young’n herself. 

America has had quite the life within 237 years : 70-some wars, 44 Presidents, she took the first steps on the moon, discovered electricity, accidentally invented the x-ray, was the birth of Jazz & as well the first full length featured film in CGI. Those last two are enough to keep me proud of my National heritage. Yes, I know. I’m such an American, eh?

As I write this I’ve been sitting here watching a favorite film (cause what else would I be doing). If you haven’t seen it you’re not American. Kidding. Kidding (now, if you haven’t seen The Princess Bride I might say that, but otherwise). If you haven’t seen Far & Away, let me sum it up for you so you can determine whether it would be worth your time. Far & Away (starring Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise and directed by the one and only ginger, Ron Howard) is the story a wealthy Irish daughter (Kidman) & her recent boy (Cruise), an errand runaway boy you could say, who’s she’s roped into following her to Boston (yes, the greatest city) with plans of traveling west to claim land. They arrive to the Boston Bay just to discover this so-called “free land” to be more difficult than anticipated. Pretending to be brother and sister to make ends meet and eventually get to Oklahoma, their differing ways help them find love and land. It’s a Ron Howard film, so it should go without saying, it’s an epic. Meaning, yes, a bit of a long-winded, romantic with green open land and a full fledged Irish-leaping score with a bit of boxing and blood to keep the guys attentive. Like I said, a favorite.

Set in1893 and it’s hard to imagine just over a lifetime’s length we were racing and fighting over “free” land. Today we’re still kind of on this race. What for exactly, I’m not sure. While it’s not exactly claiming land, something keeps people coming and fighting for this free land. While we’ve evolved and are influential as a Nations, it’s good to be reminded just how young we are, how much life we have left to live, how much growing we have left to do. America is still a young’n.