Put on a happy face…

I have yet to see this film, “The Artist”, but I do believe his smiling face helped gain some award-winning nods thus far.

It can be difficult to smile when faced with a mundane Monday. But frowning is so draining, isn’t it? I think smiling ages us quicker.¬†

I love seeing elderly people smile. Most of the time I see more old people frowning than an elderly person smiling. (I can say this because I live in Lakeland Fl, where it’s seems to be occupied with 50% senior citizens and 50% college students.) You don’t refer to someone as “old” if their smiling, not in a negative connotation. At least I don’t. Walter Mattheu in “Grumpy Old Men” looks old. Hallmark’s Maxine looks old. But when you see Betty Davis in “The Proposal”, you don’t think “old”. You think “hilarious” & “fun.”

After college, you begin to see some friends getting “old” even though they’re young. There seems to be less reason to smile and more to complain and moan over. As young adults we can get “old” real fast. “Old” can also be interpreted as aggressively sarcastic or miserably cynical but somehow it is thought to be a part growing up. Though I think it’s a way of letting yourself get old, way too young.

In Florida, with all the old & elderly people I walk by, it’s so rare to see someone smiling. And people our age just seem to take themselves too seriously. It’s exhausting. Every thinks down here it’s all “Hey Y’all! ” and “God Bless you.” Not so much… Someday it feels just like NYC only not as many random people making random conversation. So when I do see an elderly or young stranger smile, it’s almost a relief. Like “ah, there heart is still beating.”

After too many years of not smiling or laughing we can become like these sour grapes that someone forgot in the fridge. I don’t know about you but I normally don’t like keeping sour grapes around. They kind of loose their purpose. Our faces, or rather our countenance probably reveal more about what’s going on inside of us than we’d like people to know. And here most people work so hard at keeping a stone face. Negativity and a loss of humor is just like dying, like loss of vitality and ¬†life. But if we learn to laugh a bit more and find more to smile about it will keep us young at heart. We won’t have to worry about getting old then. Just think about what Frank says about the "Young at Heart…."