It’s Saturday Night and All Your Married Friends Have Plans, Again...

At some point after college you realize that you have more friends who are married than who are single. Of course it takes facing a few Saturday nights solo to realize that, not only you are now the minority, but making plans with your married friends becomes increasingly difficult. Then again, who can blame them for being busy? When you’re married your list of priorities, week in and week out, completely changes. You’re time is spent with things like decorating an apartment, eating out, or arguing about how you’re spending too much money on decorating and eating out. But until that day comes (and likely for most, it’s not anytime soon) here’s a few ideas of how to spend those lonely Saturday nights when you wish to do something other than sulk at home or work on your blog at Starbucks…

  1. Use the time to invest. Finally start that Etsy or cupcake business you’ve been dreaming up.
  2. Grow your brain cells. Maybe nows the time to get your Masters. (I know married couples with Full Time jobs and kids who manage to make this happen.)
  3. Take up a yoga, boxing or ballet… or any activity you wouldn’t typically make time to do during the week. Plus now with the variety of accessible workouts online, you can try new activities without having to worry about making a fool in public.
  4. Be more intentional with your single friends. Don’t wait for them to call you! Make the initiative and call up those single friends you keep talking about “hanging out” with.
  5. Ask your Grandpa out for coffee. Go out with anyone in your family for that matter, if you’re lucky enough to have family nearby. It may be awkward at first for some more than others, but you’ll soon find it a wise investment of your time .
  6. Make raisin scones and watch (or re-watch) some Downton Abbey. Seriously, if you work full time and support yourself, when else do you have time to make scones? Plus, no one else is around to change the channel. ( You boys can make boxed brownies and watch reruns of Breaking Bad or Arrested Development, uninterrupted, if the above just sounds altogether too involved.)