Finding Ground

When you return home from a place you were mentally planting yourself, but also one in which you never actually took root, it takes some time to regain your footing. Any of you who’ve read my blog Better Vita probably noticed my slight lack of consistency. I’ll be the first to admit that Better Vita seemed in limbo due to a thick fog that clouded my thoughts during much of that time. Honestly, I was wrapped up in fulfilling my dreams in New York City. I was pretty set on finding happiness and a few other things there; things such as vocation, independence and success. You know, the same things most people go to NYC to find, right? The things you’ll drop a steady full-time job for, jump across the nation for or even sleep on the floor under a bunk cot in a 6 X 8 size room for 2 and a half months for, right?

About two years ago Better Vita was born. And it was about two years ago that I decided to pursue health and fitness as a career and started a little blog called Better Vita, a.k.a. Better Living/Life. Two years probably seems like a short life, but Better Vita’s little lifespan captured quite a season for me. During it I established disciplines and connected with all kinds of amazing people. I made the move to New York City with the hopes of becoming a Yoga instructor. I fell in love with the city (and all its monstrosities) just to discover that the health and fitness industry wasn’t for me. So then I made the bittersweet decision to pack up and move back to Florida.

Certainly I hoped for the NYC stint to last longer than a few months. Time spent roaming in Central Park with a cup of coffee in hand, I had somehow conjured in my mind life would evolve in such a way; as if I were a stereotypical freelancing television or movie character who had nothing better to do but seek inspiration and prance about, between daily brunches and coffee talks. I’m an idealist to a fault. And my views of life were slightly tunnel-visioned when I arrived at NYC. I was somewhat consumed with a “health”-focus, therefore was a tad self-focused, which in my opinion is far from being truly “healthy.” So coming home has been a “letting go of self,” you could say. It’s certainly been a season I couldn’t attempt to sum up in a single post. But it has changed the direction of my focus and purpose.

While I’ve attempted to keep Better Vita running my desire to help others better their lives has developed and grown. Only my view of “better” today is a far cry from what it was a year ago. Through this past year I’ve been challenged to discover who I am. What are the values that are going to set the course for my life? Who do I want to be in the next 5, 10, 20 years down the road? What am I doing now to be that woman? 

I’ve been drawn to discuss issues with you all that run a little deeper than clean foods and smart workouts. While they all are valid subjects for a “better life” they really only skim the surface. As I’ve been challenged in my own life with these questions they seemed a bit heavy for those is search of “better eating” so I figured, why not start a new conversation? That is the inspiration for The Purple Radish. Not just better living, but why we live and how we live, or … better said … who are we living for.

Truth is I haven’t always been the person I desire to be. But as this year has brought me to grow deeper in trusting that God has a purpose and a plan for my life and wants me to live more fully in Him, I desire more than ever to work with His plan and live life with Him. Writing anything short of that would feel like I simply humoring you.

So while I am praying that God will guide this new conversation and the people who join in it, I do have a couple of things I am hoping for. On this journey together, I hope that you will be provoked to know who you are and whose you are. I pray that you will take root and know the fullness of life in Christ.

“I have come that you might have life and life to its fullest.” John 10:10