May 04 2018

While his many ventures appear a seamless success, Chris McArthur shares the journey, and lessons learned, of bringing his businesses into smooth sailing.

April 12 2018

Just three years ago, Jennifer Smurr returned from an internship in Miami and brought to our city the beauty and trade of freshly baked bread. Since its premiere at the Lakeland Dowtown Farmers Curb Market, Born & Bread Bakehouse has made an array of buttery, flaky, freshly made morning croissants a reality. It reminds us that naturally leavened can’t be born overnight. And neither can the best of bakeries.

February 01 2018

Who doesn’t want a clearer complexion?  With the right power-packed foods, it turns out you may be only a few bites away from your dream skin and that natural glow.

November 01 2017

For its latest addition of state schools, Florida looked to world-renowned architect Santiago Calatrava to design a college campus that would be set apart as an integral and innovative culture of learning… and frankly, one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

July 21 2017

While it may seem an unlikely place for a production company whose targeted clientele wouldn’t hesitate to take them aboard private jets to document their luxury vacations along the coasts of Italy, Indie Atlantic had targeted and moved to Lakeland well before our city became known as an evolving hub for artists and creatives.

March 15 2017

No longer are inspirational songs limited to sanctuaries on Sunday mornings. Worship music is breaking long-held cultural barriers and captivating new audiences. Recognized hip-hop artists are rapping on the complications of their faith. Spiritual themes are rapidly gaining relevancy in mainstream music. So, The Lakelander brought together a group of musicians who lead worship in local congregations to discuss this new waive of faith in music.

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