Jay-Z Set to Write The Great Gatsby Score and Some Other Biggie News ( I Got a New Job!)


If you’re any fan of Leonardo Dicaprio, or just really great films for that matter, you were probably as disappointed as I was when you found out The Great Gatsby wasn’t going to be contending up against Les Miserables Christmas Day.  Now set to come out May of 2013, such set back only heighten one’s anticipation. Aside from the basic plot, this remake of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic will be completely unlike the Robert Redford version we all watched in high school, now under the direction of Baz Luhrmann. But when a film is being pushed back months, a production company is smart to use the time wisely. Every American literary nerd (I’ll just pretend like I’m not one of them) and every Leo-feening girl (woman, what have you…) is a shoe-in when it’s coming from the same director who created Moulin Rouge and really gave Leo his (initial) shining moment in Romeo & Juliet, but still the production company must have felt the film was lacking. Even you guys who swear your girlfriends are dragging you to this film, we know you’re secretly already as excited as we are to see it, though now you are really going to have no shame in seeing it.

With Jay-Z set to write the score for film, it will no doubt draw in an entire new crowd to the film. If you’re at all aware of music while watching a movie, this will surely effect the film. For some of us a score can easily make or break a story. It either sweeps you up or sets you off. It does for me at least. Which it will do for The Great Gatsby we won’t really know until May, but one can already see an escalation in the second trailer that came out just before Christmas. This Great Gatsby may be in genre of film all it’s own.  So unless you were hoping for Leo to gently swoon the screen like Robert Redford did, Dicaprio’s style on screen is already a tad more demanding than the likes of Redford. (What I mean to say is - Leonardo Dicaprio is never boring.) It may be Jay-Z is actally the perfect match for Dicaprio.

For the other “Biggie news” my delay in posting is due to a recent transition for me. I got a new job! Just before Christmas I was offered a position at Relevant Magazine in Winter Park, FL as the Project Coordinator. For those of you unfamiliar with Relevant, an entertainment and culture magazine I’ve followed and dreamed of working for since my freshman year of college, it’s coming into it’s 10th year now with an ever-evolving website, podcast and iPad magazine. While its not quite a writing the score for The Great Gatsby, it was no doubt the best Christmas gift. I’m thrilled to be apart of this creative team and influential magazine.