Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron, writer, director and producer, passed away this week. She may have well been one of the most significant voices to leave our world and our films, at least in my bias opinion. Each of her works intoxicatingly displayed an equally honest, witty and romantic tone that could never be replaced.

She captured the quirks and faults of femininity, that women hate to acknowledge. But did in such a vivacious way that it made women want to own up to the complex beings we are. She showed men as their single-minded and driven selves, but with the multifaceted qualities they typically keep closed off (at least more so in the 90’s.) While we’ve become familiar with some great actors of the screen through her works, the words and honest dialogue she brought were the true stars of these films that changed the genre of romantic comedies forever. Nora managed to capture many of the realities and dimensions of love; those that disappoint us, as well as the those we can only dream. Her stories were honest but tactful, raw but effervescent.  Her films brought to light the beautiful mess that occurs between a man and a woman. We will likely never see a film director or writer of her kind again.

This little montage is my ode to Nora…