Fall Films to Look Forward to

After a summer of sequels, familiar futuristic fantasies and every genre’s depiction of the world’s demise, finally there is a season of films coming that may be worth your $12.50. Fall tends to be the time when most Oscar-contending films debut.

While there is nothing to look forward to see this weekend, technically the first day of Fall is upon us tomorrow. So along with pumpkin lattes and falling leaves (for some of us at least),  some fresh and enticing films await us just around the corner... (five days to be exact.)



September 27


Ron Howard (director of Cinderella Man, A Beautiful Mind and a familiar voice you may recognize from Arrested Development) presents the story of the famous British race car  driver rivals, James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Whether a story is familiar, or sounds remotely  interesting, Howard finds a way to portray every man’s individual story of overcoming life's obstacles in a way that is both compelling and fully baked. Returning with the screenwriter of Frost/Nixon, Peter Morgan, ( also screenwriter of The Last King of Scotland) Rush is sure to be an Oscar contender.



October 4


No one knows quite where this story will go, outside of following Sandra Bullock adrift in space.  Yet most everyone who has seen this trailer is equally duped and terrified at the concept of such a plot; a freakish déja vu of your worst reoccurring nightmare. Directed by Alfonso Cuarón, spanish filmmaker of Children of Men and Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban (talk about a breadth of work), who knows what audiences will be in for. If all else fails, anything with George Clooney’s name on it is likely worth a watch.


Captain Phillips

October 11

Tom Hanks.

(Could we just leave it at that?) This is reason enough to see a film.

Leading in, yet another, seaside thriller, this story may be a bit more terrifying with the company of pirates rather than a faithful companion named Wilson. Captain Phillips is the true story of a merchant mariner who’s ship was raided by Somali pirates, who take Phillips hostage on a lifeboat for days. It’s been some time since Hanks has lead in a thrilling, character-driven story (sorry, Cloud Atlas just didn’t do it for me.) Along with  director Paul Greengrass, of the Bourne  films, it will can only add an edge for a guarenteed nail-bitting watch.


12 Years a Slave

October 17

Based on the memoir of a free man, husband, father and musician in New York City, 12 Years a Slave  is the story of a man who accepts what he thinks is a business venture that misleads into slavery for the next 12 years of his life. 

This riveting cast includes Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt (also a producer for the film), Paul Giamatti and is directed by Steve McQueen (best known for The Last King of Scotland.)


The Monuments Men 

December 18


George Clooney brings yet another star-studded entourage to tell the true story a group of art historians and museum curators during WWII, who risk their lives to save famous works of art before the Nazi’s destroy them. Directed and written by George Clooney, it may not be as quirky as Leatherheads or Men Who Stare at Goats, but this dramedy may still carry a comic-Clooney flair.