Summer Tomato Lentils

simple eats

When I’d pour a bowl of lucky charms for breakfast as a kid, the thought never crossed my mind, “I wonder how toxic the  chemical additives are that create the color for these magically delicious marshmallows?” In my teens I never thought, “Could this pizza really be good for me if the fatfree cheese feels and tastes like plastic?” And nearing my twenties, I rarely considered, “ If this bread is so chock-full of whole grains why does it have the shelf-life of a twinkie??!” These were not my concerns in the least.

At age seven food was mainly just for fun. In my teens food was a treat, some edible substance I thought I “deserved.” Then there was the late teens into my early twenties where food became flat out confusing and frustrating . I didn’t view it for sustenance, but rather as the culprit of my undesirable state of being. Though i’ve been a food snob of sorts for most of life, my reasons for eating has shifted as well as my view of food. I just never sat down to a meal and thought “Where did this come from? What has been added to it? What has been taken from it, and why?!.” Over the years food has taken on many forms and shapes to the point that many consider a diet based upon whole foods a difficult task.

There was a day when food was just that, food. However growing up in the good ‘ole USA, I can’t say that I ever had a clear understanding of why we eat what we do. Of course we have come a long way in just the past decade. Now you can order real oatmeal at drive thru’s and visit the farmer’s market daily. Finally we understand food is best when it is left to be just that - food. Real, unprocessed, unenriched, unbleached, untampered food. To most Americans this idea of food is revolutionary (as our friendly brit Jamie Oliver is patiently helping us uncover and  change), but really it’s quite simple. Our bodies find fuel from food and is greatly fueled from real food. The closer to it’s natural state the better. It’s simple, but complicated for a nation that likes to complicate life. So this week I will be posting on different aspects of food, fitness and life - when unprocessed and closest to it’s natural state - that makes for betterVita.

This here is simply delicious! It's a great example of revolutionizing a salad. Check out Sprouted Kitchen for the Summer Tomato Lentils and other simple and delicious eats.