Ridley Scott

Impromptu Production II

This weekend was a blur. My sister and I were going to be crashing at my parent's lovely home with a customized, gorgeous kitchen while they're away on they're away on kyaking adventures. Yep, that's right. The two college grads of the family stay more low key than our 15 year old, our 18 year old brother and our _ _  year old parents.

 Life is funny right now. It's officially summer here at the University I work at, but I don't quite feel on vacation like some may assume. I'd love to say I spent my weekend  spending one evening in Orlando shopping  at H&M with extra spending cash in  my pocket, and that the next night I had dinner at Gosh (our favorite local sushi) split a few rolls, grabbed some starbucks and then marveled at the new "Robin Hood" for this weekend - no matter what the reviews may be on rotten tomatoes. How could a Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott film really be "boring" anyways?

Yet my wallet was beckoning me to be more realistic. So movie and dinner at Mom and Dad's it was. We kept it fresh and simple.

Normally I hate impromptu meals with more than one person, because a) everyone wants something different, b) no one ever wants to be left cooking the meal and, c) once you actually eat an the meal you so famished it's never as satisfying as you hope.

For now I'll title such unplanned dinner's "impromptu productions." If you beg to differ, and rather I called it "random smorgashboard" or "boring post" for these random meals just let me know. Cause you'll probably be seeing more of these.

My sister (and photographer this week) Kara picked up some unique squash from the farmer's market. They were funny looking little gords, but actually pretty tasty.


She also picked up some fresh tilapia. I made a side of asparagus, sweet peas and basil prepared similar to Heidi's Spring ragout. Heidi Swanson can turn any typically disliked green into a scrumptulenscent work of art, seriously. She is a true renaissance woman of the culinary arts who has revolutionized my tastes.


Sauteed in olive oil and garlic, we added some lemon zest and topped that off with parmesan cheese to a pan of stir-fried asparagus spears.


After adding some fresh whole grain bread from our local baker (thanks Papa) our meal was complete.


Lastly, topped off the night with vanilla bean gelato.



While we ate we watched the HBO series "John Adams."  For less than $10 I had a satisfying meal, watched a compelling film and had my starbucks for free. French presses at home are better than the americano's that starbucks throws together for $3 anyways. Saving money and staying in is never a bad idea.