Vita Inspirations: Kara Joy

Sometimes people have a hard time believing I used to "struggle" with my weight. But, believe me, when I was in high school, working at Starbucks and indulging in daily caramel mochas and blueberry scones, I struggled. I was a good 4-6 sizes bigger than I am now. You know how it is: hormones, emotions, highschool drama, chocolate, more drama, more chocolate. Honestly it was a struggle all through college too. Highschool was more like the kick-off as far as my "struggles" were concerned. And now that I've come to find balance and discipline, I thoroughly thank God that I've learned to live this way. Because now I love it. Few people can relate to this "struggle" and pure joy of deciding to live with healthy habits like my sister could. That would be Kara Joy.

About two years ago, my sister Kara, decided to start to eating  healthier and learn some yoga. She asked if I'd mind if she'd shadow me for a while and  follow the way I ate. So for a week or so she began taking note of what and how I ate. In turn, she started completely changed her habits, eating more vegetables and fruits, cutting out processed foods, red meats, ate more fish and whole grains, started doing yoga a few times a week and voila...

 Kara went down several dress sizes and essentially is a new woman. It's been for about two years that Kara has maintained her healthy habits. Of course becoming an elementary school teacher has kept her running around all year long. Kara has stayed on top of her game, especially considering her stressful job with the high expectations on her (and students and parents calling her off the clock) and has really jumped into adulthood with more energy due to her new lifestyle.

While it hasn't been a piece of cake, maintaing these habits while teaching full-time, working part-time with a youth group , leading worship two times a week, Kara has remained disciplined and made it happen. And just look at her! She's thinner than she's ever been. 

 Though chasing kids around all day and night helps keep Kara stay active, she loves doing yoga a few times a week with Tara Stile's dvds, walks and runs the lake, and spends most weekends at the beach learning to surf with her boyfriend Rick (the expert surfer.)

As far as her diet goes, Kara has continued to keep the habits she established early on, avoiding red meats, dairy, and processed foods (chips, pretzels, cookies) out of her diet.On a given day breakfast consists of oatmeal or toast and eggs, lots of salads, roasted veggies, fish, and sushi for lunch and dinner. Her favorite treats are specialty cheeses from Whole Foods and dark chocolate. And Kara can typically be found drinking plenty of water along a daily espresso over ice, during the hot months in Florida (9 months of the year!) Sound familiar? What can I say. "Sisters, sisters..."