I can have it all

A Snack won't hurt

For a time, nutrition trends encouraged us to avoid snacking. We've been conditioned to stick to 3 square meals a day.  But snacking can be one of the best ways to whittle down in size and maintain a healthy weight. Granted, I'm not talking about grabbing a handfuls of tortilla chips every time you walk through the kitchen or taking advantage of cake whenever an office party calls for it (which seems to be everyday!)  Sure the "I can have it all" mentality sounds great, but the thrills of eating "whatever" you want only last so long. Especially when your thighs begin to swell (or you just keep telling yourself  you've dried your jeans for too long.) Snacking, when you're truly hungry, can help you avoid becoming ravenous. And when we're ravenous, we eat more than necessary, feel miserable and stuffed, and then swear we're not going to eat for the rest of the day. And then of course hours later, we find ourselves hungry again and the cycle continues. Now I know this isn't everyone. Many have the wisdom or intuitive eating discipline to know when they're hungry and when they're satisfied. Though not all of us are inclined to eat this way or our world would look much different . Over time I've learned when I'm hungry, when I'm satisfied and how a snack or two helps keep me in check.

What you snack on is equally as important as how much you eat. Snacks made of real, whole foods promote a healthy weight by keeping your appetite in check, truly nourishes your body,  and helps stabilize your blood sugar. This discourages over-eating, over-eating the wrong things, and lastly, allows you to enjoy a variety of foods.

Here are a few snacks ideas I may eat on a given day:

1/2 cup of o% Greek yogurt with some blueberries, cinnamon and slivered almonds

A handful of roasted cashews with a few dried figs

1 piece of toast and almonds butter with 1/2 a sliced pear, honey and cinnamon

A few pieces of leftover chicken , with 1/2 a sliced apple and mustard

Olives and pickles

1/2 a sliced avacado with a few slices of cucumber, a drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper

Wasa crackers with goats cheese

Check out Whole Living for more healthy snack ideas: