How the Latest "Feminist Wedding " Trend Could Save You Money


Last year barn weddings were all the hype. As my sister was planning her’s just last spring, I can remember (because how could I forget that process) Kara’s “ooo”-ing and whining every time we’d drive through Polk Parkway in Central Florida, of all the places, because of how perfect it would be just to have her dream barn-hipster wedding off the side of the highway. Right there, just off the side of the road. Every barn she visited to potentially rent was a bit out of her price range and she eventually let go of the dreamy cow fields, outdoor venue and settled for a quaint ( and affordable) chapel.

Barn weddings were a very big deal last year. 

Well, what’s all the hype this year? It’s a new thing called “Feminist Weddings”. According to The Daily Mail, which is currently tracking this growing trend through a Wedding survey of 200 brides to be, there is recent increase in shunning the common ceremonial traditions for a so-called more “Feminist Wedding”. The study shows that nearly a quarter plan to keep their last name, 1 out of 10 plan on wearing a color other than white and 19% agree that traditional weddings are generally ‘anti-feminist’.

Of course a traditional wedding has nothing to do with what a woman wants. It has absolutely nothing to do with what location, invitations, center pieces, wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, place-settings, h’or duerves, cake flavor, or white horse-carriage send off a female may want for her so traditional-anti-feminist wedding day. Really, when do you hear of bride getting her way on her wedding day? Hm, they must not air Bridezilla in the UK, because this feminist-fashioned wedding trend seems to be the cake topper for a bride to remind everyone “Hey everyone, this day is all about me.”

Though when it’s said and done, as these feminist brides claim, a “Feminist Wedding” just might be an economical one at that. Come to find out, this whole trend might save you (or the father and mother, and even groom, of the bride) a pretty penny to beat. That and a slew of mouths you won’t have to feed, when certain family members see “Feminist” and “wedding ceremony” on the same invitation.

So, just how much exactly could one save if she were to choose to go with a Feminist Wedding

      1. Keeping your last name = $100 - 500 saved

Believe it or not, some studies show that  maiden-name woman are seen as more intelligent and competent”

      2. Forgoing the traditional veil = $10 - 200 saved

“Some believe it plays into the idea that a woman is ‘revealed’ to her husband as the virgin bride (though actually the use of a veil is steeped in history and has very different significance across multiple cultures).”According to The Daily Mail

      3. Wearing a color other than white = hmm…

Well, with recently debuted non-white wedding dress collections from Oscar De La Renta and Vera Wang, who’s to say.  A dress is a dress, so really it all depends on just how high-maintenance your feminist bride is.

      4. Refusing an engagement ring (because apparently we aren’t property to be purchased.) = $5,000 -20,000 saved 

Crazy, but true, some guys can go by themselves a Nissan Maxima now with not having to buy that Tiffany ring anymore.

      5. Choosing not to be walked down the aisle by a Father or Father figure = Priceless 

Because what feminist wouldn’t regret that.

Turns out 76% of these feminist brides to be would like to hold to that tradition. Not that a feminist would think she’s anyone’s to be “given away” or “given to” these days, but it appears that sentiment isn’t one brides will be doing away with anytime soon.

So, this summer while you gripe over renting that $200 tux or paying $75 for a pair of heels you’ll never where again for your best friends big day, you may want to keep in mind what you are taking part in may soon be remembered as a nostalgic (anti-feminist) event.