A "Happy New Year" can start today

This month Better Vita is dedicated to helping have your healthiest and most enjoyable Christmas yet. Honing down on being "healthy" may seem like a daunting task but think of it as setting yourself up for success.

My friend Dr. Brooke is onto the same idea. She is a Nautropathic Doctor who is as brilliant as she is down to earth. She works with the everyday joe to the runway model with her holistic private practice in New York City. Dr. Brooke is also the co-author of the recently published book "The Ultimate You", a nutrition expert for Martha Stewart's Living Radio (among several other blogs, magazines and programs) and also is the Nutrition expert for this month's Master the Shift.

Check out her most recent blog for Master the Shift on "Why You Should Make Your New Year's Resolution Today." Thanks Dr. Brooke for showing us why not to wait till after the holidays to make changes that will last a lifetime.