Holiday Challenge - Day 1

"Finish well. How you end is just as important as how you start." At least that's what my Dad always tells me. It's always been easy for me to be disciplined throughout the day. But when it's time to wind down at the end of a day, it's much easier to pull out the cookies and chocolate, forget the rhyme and reason of hunger and just go hog wild. This never is a good state to be in. Yet most of us may have an idea of what  "Lay off me I'm starving!"- gut- wrenching- hunger feels like.

Approximately 25% of American's skip breakfast every morning.  And  when "breakfast is essential to maintaining a healthy weight", it's no wonder so many of us struggle with finding a healthy weight let alone maintaining it.

So why is it most American's claim they're not in the mood for breakfast in the morning? And why is it when they do eat, the most they grab is a breakfast bar or piece of toast? While the latter two are healthier options than what most would pick, it is certainly not the most substantial to fuel your day.

Back to the question... Why is it so difficult to maintain a healthy weight? Why can't you loose the pounds you need to? Why don't you wake up with a healthy appetite a for a breakfast every morning, that could inevitably help you find and maintain ideal weight?

Well if your nightly rituals involve a dinner with more food than your typical breakfast and lunch combined, capped off with ice cream, cookies, or even what you may think to be a weight loss-inducing, sugar-free jello singles... chances are you're not waking up hungry.

It's called breakfast because you're suppose to be doing just that, breaking a fast. But it may be your nightly rituals are calorie-loaded, chances are your body isn't fasting while you're sleeping.

So here are few ways to ward off over-induldgent nightly rituals and give you're body the rest it needs, to wake up with a healthy appetite...

1) Stay fueled with small meals throughout the day.

2) Avoid coffee after 6 pm  - unless of course your a college student ;).

3)Fill up on flavorful and seasonal vegetables at every dinner.

4)Make sure to include health fat and protein at your dinner to avoid crazy carb/sweet cravings.

5) Drink herbal tea or a decaf chai before bed.

6) Eat a dessert based with fruit.

More great night-time snacks and desserts to come...

I'd love to hear any ideas or answer any questions you have.