Yoga Party!

Okay, it was more like Yogi-Foodie Party! Last Saturday my sister and I made a night of yoga and food for our friends. So many of them have been asking and wanting to try yoga for awhile. I admit I'm not really the girly-themed-partying-type, but when my sister mentioned a "Yoga Party" I was all in.

I wish I could take credit for this brilliant idea but it was all my sister's. That would be the gorgeous one cutting the pizza,who also made the pizza. She figured we'd sneak in a night of yoga before I head to NYC to train with Tara Stiles. Just one more week and I'll be at Strala Yoga training with Tara and Mike! It will be a month-long intensive, learning alongside other health activists and inspiring yoga instructors in the city. I couldn't have dreamed up such an opportunity. God seriously knows me better than I know myself.

As Tara says,  it was "time to make the yoga."

We did some balancing...

A little downward-dogging (our dog, Roxie, got her tail in their too)....

and some other crazy-fun stuff .

We got our "yoga on" for about an hour and a half. So after our cool-down we were energized and hungry. The rest of the night was full of food, talking and laughing. We served a menu of whole food recipes, snacks and other ideas from my favorite bloggers, who are all experts at celebrating food and life. The girls left with full tummies and great ideas for better eating (and Vita.)

tasting menu

margarita pizza

dough from Sprouted Kitchen


3 kinds of hummus

Chickpea, Spinach & Kalamata Olive

served with Wasa crackers and veggies

from 101Cookbooks


sweet-potatoe fries

from the Crosby Kitchen


bananas in chocolate blankets

from (never home) maker


oaty chocolate chip cookies

from David Lebovitz


dry roasted wasabi edamame

lara bars



iced green tea

with lemon and limes

starbucks' coffee

with cream and raw sugar

The night was lots of fun ...

Load of food...

Everyone was feeling good ( and hungry ) after the yoga.