Summer is for kids

Summer’s almost here and it makes me want to be a kid again. Remember when summer meant one long vacation. Ah, I miss those. It was like a daily celebration that you're not yet an adult. Lazy mornings, days at the beach, aimless road-trips, ice cream for lunch... no wonder kid-like ease is choked by utility bills, unnecessary drama, crazy schedules and life in general.

Being a kid may not always be practical, but at time it may be beneficial. This is all hitting that note of simplicity again. While eating ice cream for lunch may not be the best idea, there are a lot of kid eat's and habits that could help us enjoy life a bit more. And of course, eating ice cream for lunch once in a blue moon can't hurt.

Kid-like habits ...

Eat like a kid.

 Eat when you're hungry. As adults we tend to ignore  hunger signals until we're ravenous and then grab whatever is in front of us. No wonder adults are so awnry.

For summer kid eat have orange slices (the fruit and not the candy.) Or berries and bananas. Pack some crackers and cheese. Cut up some carrot and cucumbers. Or have some roasted sweet potatoes with all-natural ketchup - one of my favorites.

React like a kid.

Laugh more. It will keep you healthy.

It's natural to already be stressed and take life too seriously. Learn to laugh at life.

Play like a kid.

Get down and dirty. So I admit it, I hate sand. But a little dirt won’t kill you. Staying playful will keep you young.