Why Admins Can Easily Get Depressed (& The Purple Radish)


So I have come to the conclusion that sitting for too long makes me depressed. This may seem like a random place to pick back up but I’m in the midst of learning and growing (I'm  forever learning and growing,) the very reason why I should probably be writing here more often. But when I feel like I have a lot more to learn, or am in the process of growing, I kinda feel like I’m feeding you all a load of crap (or fill in the blank ...) if I’m not feeling all hunkey dorey and healthy. But I would gather that not even all my favorite writers embody the ideals they convey 100% of the time. So I write...

For those of you whom I’ve kept ill-informed, I have been giving much of my attention to another blog - The Purple Radish.  It’s a blog I’ve had for almost a year now, where I write or meander about life, love and culture. Post to post, it may come across as random, but that’s me. In a nut shell it’s where I write about what I’m passionate about. I hope to soon join Better Vita and The Purple Radish.

You don’t always hold jobs that are necessarily positions you’ve dreamed to be in. For me, that is any job where I’m serving coffee or sitting for an ungodly period of time. Currently I hold an administrative position, where e-mailing, documenting, mail-merging and meetings are just part of the job. Granted I’m working with several teams at a large church, so events and church services with 200 plus volunteers do get me off my feet a few days a week - obviously. But for anyone who works in a church, you understand that the prep time heavily outweighs the service and interaction time, though I wish this were reverseed. (When I was working on a College Campus I was always getting up to meet with students, be at services, classes, events... let’s just say there was a bit more movement required of me.) Since my hours are somewhat long and I live a bit away from work, I’m up earlier and try to get some movement for 30 minutes before I leave. Just some kind of activity to wake up before arriving to a desk.

Those of us who carry administrative jobs can often times feel like we’re the only one’s sitting at a desk while life and exciting things are  happening to everyone else outside these pasty walls. Or am I the only one who’s been struck with this thought from time to time? But I'm finding many of my biggest frustrations in life can be remedied with very practical solutions.

Frustration: "I feel lowsy and miserable after sitting behind a desk all day long!" (8 hours, if we’re counting)

Remedy: Get up!

It’s that simple, get up and start moving around. Who ever said I have to e-mail or submit room requests for a meeting while sitting down? When your sitting for long hours your body eventually adapts to a sedentary state. NBC.com news covered a Men's Health article, "Why Sitting Down All Day is Slowly Killing You" examining the health risks of desk jobs. "If you spend too much time in a chair, your glute muscles will actually 'forget' how to fire," says Hartman, a Men's Health Advisor. If you've ever had a desk job you know how this feels. There's a reason why so many people feel dead by the end of a work day, and often it's not from too much activity. Whether you exercise or not, if you're at a salary paying-desk job, though you may be making a significant amount more than a Starbucks Barista or grocer, you aren't expending as many calories as you would with a job where you stand. Basically, if your not moving as much, your not active as much and the inactivity eventually gets to your head.

It’s too easy to let life and our situations define us. Defining how we want our lives to look takes a bit more work than just rolling with the punches. Our bodies weren't even created for inactivity and how we feel after sitting for lengthy periods (when you’re legs are screaming at you to move) is a perfectly legitimate reason why we should not sit for so long at all (unless of course you're catching up with Breaking Bad or plan on attending "The Master" premiere). So if you’re working at a desk today, or for this period of your life, don’t succumb to feeling like crap. Get up and move! You will find your mind is sharper, your body will feel lighter and mood will be much sweeter (for you and everyone else you work with.)