Watermelon Whaahhtt?!?!

Wherever most of you are, those outside of Florida, it might not feel like summer just yet. But dang, it's hot here in muggy Florida.  I regulate Starbucks about as often as..., well let's just say I go often. In the summer, this escalates with the heat and humidity. Since I know coffee isn't the best thing to be drinking all day (if you can't tell by now, Better Vita has a strong vice) I've been trying out some amazing smoothie recipes in the morning to replace my cup of coffee (one of them at least.) So Refinery29 just made my day and shared an insane smoothie that has a ton of my favorite things all in one: Watermelon, sparkling water, mint and lime.

Rain or shine this weekend, I'm making this crazy concoction...


Click on the pic for the recipe

Click on the pic for the recipe)