Meatless "Mun"days

So it's been a weekend of pure insanity with my sister's wedding being in less than a week.  AHHHH! (think Macaulay-Culkin-jaw-dropping-AH!) It's all good insanity, but craziness none the less. This weekend we had a Bachelorette Party and had good food for Mother's Day, and so here we are on Monday, lacking sleep and sanity. If you're not familiar with Meatless Mondays (because they actually do exist) Goop can inform you further. It's a pretty practical idea, to have a meat-free day once a week, for anyone trying to be, feel or look healthier.

Vegetarian dishes can get really complex, but the other day a friend (vegetarian friend no less) was telling me about her favorite salad and it reminded me how creative I used to be with salads. So it sparked up the idea for this quick fix. I've had this for lunch twice since last week and plan on having it again soon.

Hope this inspires you to have creative Meatless Mondays!

All you need is some:

Spring mix, romaine or spinach

black beans

green beans  (or any other leftover steamed or roasted veggies)

green peppers

dates (this is where the magic is - so don't leave it out!)

red onion

slivered almonds


balsamic vingegar (I used a pomegrate one) & olive oil

sea salt & cayenne pepper (if you can handle the heat)

squeeze of lime

Ok, so it's a bit more than a 5 ingredients kind of dish, but what can I say? Sometimes lettuce and olive oil just doesn't cut it.

Mix ingredient together and have a happy monday ;)!