KISS your way to a Better Life (aka Better Vita)

Hello to all the Better Vita readers that I've been out of touch with for too long! For those just reading, about 2 years ago I was living in NYC and this blog was in the front of my mind most days. Simply put, since my short-lived stay in NYC and returning to FL, I've spent some time analyzing (probably over-analyzing) who I am and what I value; meaning everything from God, relationships, passions, even food. My time on Better Vita became inconsistent and, for a  lengthly period, altogether removed. I needed some time. Or better put, "time heals what reason cannot."

Life is not meant to be so complex. Yet as human beings we tend to create more stress, more anxiety and more issues when it's not necessary. Life is much more simple than we make it. Better Vita was becoming a little too serious, which if you know me, isn't always my state of mind. My Dad, a master as keeping things simple (yet by no mean a "simple man"), has always taught his kids the KISS rule: Keep. Things. Simple. Stupid. I'm sure this is no revolutionary idea to you, but sometime in order to grow it seems we have to re-learn things we were taught when we were 6.

This summer I have some people who've asked me to teach them an approach to "Better Vita," learning how to eat better, work out bette, and live better. It seemed the appropriate time to return...

Better Vita has been resuscitated.