Stuff the turkey - not yourself!

Believe it our not there is a way to enjoy the holidays without overdoing it this year. You may be in turkey-coma still as you read this. You may still be snacking on leftover pumpkin pie that still lingers in the kitchen and the guilt hasn't sunk in yet 'til sometime after monday. It's the typical holiday routine. Probably something your used to and even comfortable with at this point, but there is actually a way to enjoy your turkey and not become one.

A few things to keep in mind it:

1. Eat to fuel, not to stuff yourself. It's really common to think you need to starve all day because you're heading to a dinner or party that night, but that is the worst thing you can do. You will like be ferociously hungry, eat too much and not even be able to enjoy it. So make sure before parties or family meals during the holidays to eat and eat healthy the day of.

2. Eat only what you like. If you don't like it, don't eat it. Unless of course your boyfriends mom is asking if you've tried her pumpkin pie yet or Aunt Sue slaved all day over her

3. Leave your plate 80% full. You don't have to feel the need to take off your belt to know your satisfied. Leaving that extra room will make everything easier to digest and your eating throughout the day so it's not like you'll never eat again.

4. Focus on filling half of your plate with greens and veggies. I'm talking spring mix green, broccoli or green beans not so much the potatoes and starchy stuff. Keep that to about 25% of your plate. All in moderation...

5. Fill about 25% with carbs and 25% of protein, give or take. Granted you just have to get used to listening to what your body is craving and remembering how foods make you feel. Make sure to get about 3 oz of lean protein. Fish, turkey & chicken breast, eggs or even wild game such as venison.

6. Taste your dessert, don't devour it. If you know there is going to be dessert that you will want to eat you may want to leave a little more room. A calorie is a calorie. And you don't always have to eat a whole pie of pie or chocolate cake to get your satisfy your sweet tooth.

7. Drink lots of water. All drinks have calories or dehydrate most of the time, so you are much better off sticking to water. If you do choose eggnog, punch or coffee stick to one cup.

8. Don't throw in the towel. We all have slip ups. We all eat too much pie or have had our fill of stuffing, but it doesn't mean all your work is at a loss over one meal. And it doesn't mean you have to encounter these "slip ups" every holiday. So if your feeling crappy over too much food go play a game of football or go on a long walk (on the beach if you're in Florida ;) ) and tomorrow you can start with a clean slate.