What's in a nugget?

Someone please tell me why we eat things we know we shouldn't? And I'm not badgering here cause I've been there. I can easily go back there. I guess it's the memory of that first bite. That initial taste that we find so satisfying and continue to eat assuming it will satisfy every craving thats lingered. And so we indulge in something maybe we shouldn't be indulging in. Anyone that knows me knows I like good food. Real (as in actual, not artificial) good food. And I don't mean just plant-based food, though we all could be eating more of that. I mean cheese, chocolate, bread, chicken... real food. And I'm sure most would agree. But still our culture turns time and time again to foods we just know aren't good for us. If you saw last week's video I have up it should make more sense why out bodies reject, or aren't always pleased with things like ice cream and candy. Often it just makes us all the more hungry for something real.

You hear someone say, as they're polishing off a seven layer chocolate cake (from a well-known restaurant that will remain nameless,) "This is so good, I don't even want to know what's in it." Of course they don't want to know what's in it. Who wants to know they're paying top dollar to consume a cake drenched in sugar-laden mayonnaise? Then it won't be so good. So we say "I don't want to know" though we know we should. And typically we leave feeling stuffed, exhausted and lethargic. At some point we will discover the alarming truth. Better sooner than later.

Sometime last year I posted a video on food after reading Michael Pollan's book when I was in NYC. His book "In the Defense of Food" exposes the horrific truths of what we accept as "food" and promotes a more plant-based diet for America. Jamie Oliver has certainly done his part leading this "Food Revolution" as well. (Though it's sad we need a food revolution, when our world first needs a revolution in Christ's love.) Jamie Oliver, as a "celebrity" has a large audience already and is exposing America and many parts of Europe to truths that we decide to keep hidden.

In two weeks I'll be teaching a class on healthy eating at Victory Church here in Lakeland FL. As I've been brainstorming on how and what to teach I'm realizing people don't know or necessarily want to know what is in food. So that is where we will start.

 Last week when I posted the ice cream video someone thanked me for ruining ice cream (commercial ice cream, that is - go eat your Breyers or Hagen Daaz 5) for them forever. Next, the chicken nugget...