7 Things On My Mind This Week

  1. Though I live in Florida and am surrounded by so-called "beautiful beaches", I'd rather be spending my summer at this lovely island.


image: Garance Dore'

2. Finding myself  truly missing  visiting  this goldmine on Lafayette,  for (hands down) the best ice coffee in NYC. But it's probably better for me now that I'm addicted to another refreshing beverage, along side a few lime wedges.

3. Wednesday night I enjoyed a provoking class with this Dr., and am looking forward to next week's follow up class- a theological discussion and debate on a current trending topic for Christian Evangelicals, due to Rob Bell's book and Francis Chan's book (recently published to counter the latter. If you're interested in more details, ask & I can fill you in.)


image: Cup of Jo

4. Being somewhat induldgent, this week I've slowly savored several cheese plates, finishing off the last of some favorite's: raw goat's cheddar, a seasonal raw cheese covered in espresso rind, and goat's gouda. And the time has come to restock. Also I'm eager to  try every thing on this spread by the genius blogger/cook/photographer Aran , from Martha Stewart's latest Everyday Food magazine.

5. Listening to these guys a bit more , missing this guy even more...

my brother Rob, who's spending his summer as a camp counselor in Baltimore, doing crazy fun stuff and getting paid for it. Can't wait to have him back...

6. Currenlty dissapointed in NetFlix and now having done away with it, am seriously debating investing in a fine piece of work, since it  was the only thing holding me back from my cancellation.

7. In celebration of Bastille's Day, I considered going to see this incredible picture for the second time this week, ( then maybe a third and fourth.) If only I could convince everyone else it is well worth the $9.50. I may not be french, but it's certainly reason to spend too much on something that is guarenteed to put a smile to my face.