Great, But Not as Great as...

“What if what I think is great, really is great, but not as great as something greater.” (Matthew M. – The Wedding Planner) Above is a favorite quote of mine. Sometimes what we think is "great" isn't always the best, and certainly not always "greater" (excuse my english) for us.

In America we like to have the greatest of everything. Our culture works hard to have access to the best of everything.  And when we discover what we have isn't always the greatest, we feel jipped. Ok, at least I do. More often than not, concerning our food, we over-compensate out of this need to make everything better and bigger. That was just to preface these "Great, But Not as Great as..." posts, where I want to share with you somethings that are "great, but not as great as something... greater."

This summer I was asked to teach on healthy eating and cooking. During one class where we talked about snack food options, I encountered a bit of a disagreement over Dannon yogurts with some women who believe it to be very good for you. Good?  Maybe. Let's start there: What you think is good, may not be so good.


Dannon Light & Fit

Good - ehh? Yes, it's full of probiotics (fermented foods with active cultures.) But when it's also filled with sucralose (fake sugar,) fructose (sugar,) added gelatin (to keep it jello- like,) and three different dyes for color, my guess is it isn't really "good" per se.


 Voskos Flavored Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is great for you, full of natural probiotics & calcium. However these flavored yogurts (even the honey-flavored) often contain sugar, honey and corn starch, like the one above.


 Fage Greek Yogurt

Here we have untainted yogurt. No sugar, no corn starches - pure probiotics and purely delicous. It initially is an aquired taste but paired with the right foods it is really a satisfying breakfast or snack.

Try it with:


honey and cinnamon

or some blueberries with a drizzle of  almond butter

Plain yogurt is also good for you, just try to stick with organic such as Horizon's, that is free of additives and preservatives. After you eat your dannon sugar free, low-fat yogurt try a bite of Greek yogurt and you'll soon understand what you've been missing.