Vita: Inspirations - Alton Brown

Every now and then I come across an individual who's commendable health transformation and change of habits reminds me how much we can change when we put our mind to it. So many people always wonder how to get rid of their extra weight and somehow avoid the inevitable: discipline and consistency. But there is no way around it. You must have these two components if you want to change. One man who gets that is Alton Brown. So I know I'm really behind the times on this individual's transformation, at least in the foodie world, but recently I came across a "Good Eats" episode that is all about Alton Brown's diet philosophy. "Good Eats", Alton Brown and science have typically never been topics of interest to me until I watched his practical and convincing plan of action. Though some have been concerned that Alton Brown's weight loss has led him to appear sickly thin, it's not uncommon for older thinner people to be labeled as looking "sickly " when the antagonist wouldn't mind loosing some weight themselves. After watching his episode Live & Let Die, I find this food star far from being "sickly."

Come to find out the foodie, science-expert chef has truly got his act together when it comes his diet. In this episode of Good Eats, Alton Brown explains his principles for loosing and maintaining his whopping 50 lbs of fat. Though most infomercials and books try to sell us on the miraculous formula or menu-concoctions they are offering, Brown remains forthright, utilitarian and efficient on the matter. As you can see his diet listed below, he obviously advocates a  Mediterranean diet, full of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and fish. I think Brown's approach to the matter is so applicable to our culture ( and considering his cooking-skill, being one that doesn't over-complicate food or the preparation that is necessary to go into a good meal,) he would be the ideal candidate for a book on this matter. The episode is full of some interesting recipes that I look forward to trying.

While some of you may gag at the thought of it, Alton Brown eats about a can of sardines a day. Though I prefer fresh fish, and would love to try fresh sardines, I'm also a fan of anything smoked. So I may be trying his Sardine-Avacado Sandwhich  somewhere in the near future. Just wanted to show you that, even with Food Science expert Alton Brown, losing weight isn't rocket science .                                               

If you wish to skip his uncanny explanation of his transformation (though I don't know why you would,) for the short of it here are Alton Brown's food rules:

Daily - Fruits - Whole Grains - Leafy Greens - Nuts - Carrots - Green Tea

3 times a week - Oily Fish - Yogurt - Broccoli - Sweet Potato - Avocado

Once a week - Red meat - Pasta - Dessert - Alcohol

NEVER! - Fast Food - Soda - Processed meals/frozen dinners - Canned soup - "Diet" anything

I must say, I'm impressed. I couldn't be more of an advocate of this type of lifestyle.