GOOP and "Homosexuality in the Bible"

For the past two years I've followed and (dare I say) become a better cook, thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow's ever-evolving Maybe it was due to mere intrigue of what the life, food and fitness looks like of an actress I've adored (I'll go as far to say, even envied) and aspired to for years growing up. Goop has been a well-rounded resource for living in style, health and social awareness. Unfairly, it has also been the target of criticism for Gwyneth's portrayal of better living. (But I commend her for staying in the ring and taking the punches - because critics can be brutal!) While mainly I visit Goop for her latest dinner party menus and outfit ideas, I've be less then thrilled by the "Be"- category posts (one of the six categories on Goop which deals with relationships, spirituality and religion.) While it is typically filled with happy-go-lucky challenges to take life by the tail or  somewhat zen-ny articles on  faith, I was quite surprised this week to find the post on "Homosexuality in the Bible." If I would've just read the first few paragraphs, which I almost did just that, I would've assumed Gwyneth to leave the last words on this subject to another bias spiritual voice, who believes God doesn't have an issue with a human race, who's life choices defy His very existence.

But I was quite surprised by the end of the article, after three spiritual leader's contributions who, I feel, take a selective-interpretation of the Bible to justify their opinions, Gwyneth also includes Dr. John Stott of All Souls Church in the UK to leave the final words. His contribution, based solely on Biblical scripture, were as clear as I could desire to be on this topic. Gwyneth certainly did not hold the reigns from listening to as many differect perspectives as possible. His words caused enough stirring for the Huffington Post to pin-point Gwyneth as being bias for allowing such intolerant statements:

She also allows discriminatory remarks from a conservative Christian because she wanted to "include as many perspectives as possible." This man concludes with "Here, then, are three truths which Jesus affirmed: (1) heterosexual gender is a divine creation; (2) heterosexual marriage is a divine institution; and (3) heterosexual fidelity is the divine intention. A homosexual liaison is a breach of all three of these divine purposes.", Stott ends the article.

If only more individuals of Gwyneth's status, would give ear to such sound Christian theologian, our culture could have a much clearer understanding of Biblical principles and scripture-based truths of the Christian faith.

Thanks Gwyneth.