Simply Chicken

"I was just thinking how weird it is that we eat birds..."
Just one of many thought-provoking lines from the deeply and ever compelling 30 Rock.  I did, in fact, have that thought before. I used to think eating animals in general was unhealthy before breaking my vegetarian state of living. And you want to know how I broke it?  A meatball. Of all things, yes beef. I do not even generally like red meat. But this wasn't just any meatball. It was a meatball from Frankie's Spuntino in the Lower  East Side. A juicy meatball, studded with raisins and pinenuts. And it wasn't even my dish! My dear friend Becky noticed my vegetarian eyes intently glued to her plate one night at Frankie's, so she urged me to try it. It wasn't just any piece of meat. You'd have to visit Frankie's to get the idea. I told you, I'm picky.
I have nothing here of real substance, in light of why you should be a carnivore. I can't argue Jonathan Froer on his points because  - most of them are disturbingly valid. I can't follow up with any earth-shattering reason why you should eat meat. Though I've heard there are certain vitamins your body can absorb only through meat, but I honestly don't know that for sure. But if you do know if you eat poultry, which I do on a regular basis now,  an organic and free-range bird (sorry to be so graphic) is a far more tasty and wise a purchase than your commercial meat.
So why do I eat the chicken, turkey, fish and occasional meat now? Well, it tastes better than tofu. I think my body like it better than tofu too. And I do think I was lacking the protein.
When I told my Grandparents that I was eating chicken again ( to their delight) and felt like I needed the protien, my Grama said, "Do you think that's why you were so lonely in NYC, because you were protein-deficient?" Ummm... no.
So about that chicken. I think I should add that it makes me a much more creative, well-rounded (and pleasing) cook in the kitchen.
I like chicken, plain and simple. I like making it simple, but unique.
Here's a dish that can be really versatile and I actually thought of it as making an delicious hoagie. Though I don't eat them, myself.
I almost called it "green chicken" but that sounds too cliche and blah. But really, it's green and good.
Simply Chicken
2 pc of skinless organic, free-range (high maintenance - yes, but good for you and our farmers- yes)  chicken breasts
2 tsps of garlic powder
2 tsps of onion powder
2 tsps of minced garlic
1 tbs of olive oil
1 tsp of dried oregano
1 bunch of chopped cilatro (or you could always use parsley for a cleaner taste, basil for a rustic taste)
sea salt & ground pepper to taste
Cut the chicken breasts into bite size chunks. Then season with onion and garlic powder, oregano, and a bit of salt and pepper . Let it set for anywhere from a few hours to 15 minutes in the fridge,  just before cooking. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the minced garlic and lightly brown. Then add chicken and cook until brown on all sides.
In a separate bowl add the chicken and fresh chopped herbs together . Evenly coat all the chicken with the cilantro (hence, "green chicken") and serve immediately.
There are endless ways to serving this dish.
A few ideas:
In a toasted hoagie roll with sliced red onion and avacadoes with a squeeze of fresh lime.
Added to pasta with some steamed asparagus and roasted tomatoes.
Added for a unique spin on fajitas.
Or simply alongside some roasted sweet potatoes fries and a fresh salad.
Also it makes a great leftover in and of itself, served chilled with some cheese and crackers and cold roasted veggies. Might sound odd but cold roasted veggies for lunch the next day are so good. Enjoy!