Just a thought...

Better vita has been a project for me over the past year to help you find better living. Granted it’s also a bit of a search of my own. Mainly I’ve kept it to simple things like better coffee, better cookies, better backs, better breathing. I admit I like things that are better. Really... I like things that are ideal. You could say I’m an idealist. Therefore finding topics, better meals and better nutrition, can become this endless search for that ideal next post. And in a world where anyone can blog about anything, I’m sure there are “better” blogs on such topics anyway.

Blogs are a world in and of themselves. It’s really an interesting way for us to be able to display our lives for each other to view on a daily basis. It’s as if we have the ability to freeze-frame these seemingly perfect moments of life, add some whimsical tagline, hit post and voila! It’s partly why I love blogging. It makes a large world become so tightly knit. It’s almost an invitation to endlessly eavesdrop into the lives of others. I myself am a sucker for certain blogs. I love that I can see how women in paris dress every day of the week and read what Molly Wizenberg just made up for dinner last night. Yet it can be just as distracting as it is a joy for me. For the idealist in me, blogs are the ultimate search engine. The search for better; better clothes, better meals, better locations, better jobs.  Not only does this effect delay each post I’m about to write on, but it can so easily suck up my thoughts and delay life. Does that make sense?

Let me put it this way: when browsing blogs, my “idealistic” inclination wants to inhale it's content as if I were snorting a line. I wish I had a more tactful way of putting it, but I think you get it.

I’m talking about this because I’m learning life isn’t “better” in this state of mind; this constant yearning, nagging, wanting of something better. It’s awfully honest to express, but there really is no worse way of wasting your time than wishing and wanting. And let me tell you, I have wasted one too many moments on this one myself. But I don’t think I’m alone in this habit.

I’ve come to this: If I really want to teach you BetterVita, how to “live...just better”, I have to tell you what I know to be the truth. The truth is you can eat perfectly, have impeccable fitness and still not better from it. You can work out a pro, eat perfectly and dress daily like Rachel Zoe and still never be a better person. Truly living a full life starts with a better mind. So betterVita is going to bring you some better thougths. I hope this rings as true with you and it does for me. Cause life’s too short to wish away.

“As a man thinks, so is he.”

Proverbs 23:7