Oh Joy

To all you faithful readers, I thought you deserved a heads up for where betterVita is going. I wish there was a more tactful way of putting it, but I've been racking my brain to find "health and fitness" topics to write on that aren't already bleeding all over the internet. I don't mean to be abrupt, but we are excessively spoiled with information on living healthier, fuller lives. We are a health-fixated culture. Therefore I feel that any subjects on "how to live healthier" or "better"  is nothing new under the sun. Nothing you don't already know.  And so I'm left here scrapping the bottom of a barrel. Which will quickly become dull for me and more so for you.

Those of you who come to betterVita for the yoga insight or eating suggestions, don't fear - my yoga days aren't over and my ways of eating are far from changing. I find myself more readily eager to elaborate on the simplicity of baking cookies with my sisters, preparing last minute meals after work or even memorable late night grocery runs (a family vacation tradition) than rehashing any quick fix for a "healthier life." Because that's kinda my life right now. And honestly, when a desire for healthy eating and living becomes the focal center of my life , it begins to feel... not so "healthy." Discovering this has made my head clearer and my life a little less complex.

All that said, let's get back to where I was. Rather than regurgitating web-wide-known facts to a overly health-informed culture, I figure why not bring more of what really interests me to the table. After all, it is my blog. One I wish to write on food and life, which share a unique interaction. For some of you it may feel more like a daunting chemistry, that you consider curse rather than a blessing. My once daunting relationship with food, has evolved through the years. And many of my misconceptions have been corrected. I enjoy eating and cooking. I especially love writing to all of you about it. So why not make a marriage of this happy couple. BetterVita has been discovering itself through the past months and 2011 starts a new betterVita for me and hopefully for you as well.

Merry Christmas